Monday, June 13, 2011

Potty training and Princess Dresses

This what potty-training has turned Pollyanna into:

What's the occasion you ask? Well it's a Monday morning of course! We always wear our super frilly "princess" dresses on Monday mornings! Gosh, where have you been? :)

I actually really dislike this dress. It was given to us by....umm...I think my father-in-law's ex-girlfriend ( My husband's familial connections are mind-boggling at best. Try getting leave for your father's best friend's mother's funeral, because she was " essentially my grandmother" growing up. I promise you will never hear your husband's Chief laugh as hard again! But back to the dress...) and it was one of those pieces of clothing that I was needs work but has some potential. Yah...I never got around to it and it is now one of Pollyanna's favorite pieces of clothing....all because of potty-training!

We've been working with teaching Pollyanna to go on the potty for going on a month now. It all started with this book:

I have the Kindle Version :)

Honestly... I'm not one of those people who would swear by this book. It was more of a jumping off point for us...we took some of the ideas and most of our own common sense and that has lead us to where we are today...Pollyanna now can pee and poo on the potty with no accidents during the day ( except perhaps at nap-time but that is a whole different ball game) but....ONLY if she is wearing a skirt or a dress! Pants just confound the girl!

I don't have a problem with her wearing dresses all the time....except for the fact that we have a limited number of 'casual' every day dresses. I know....I need to take a trip down to my local fabric store and pick some fabric up so that I can make her a few summer dresses...really, I'm gonna do it. Sometime. :)

In any case...I'd say potty-training is a success at this point. Even if the girl does wear dresses all the time. I have no idea what I'm going to do when it comes to potty-training Piglet in a year or so....

I guess kilts are always an option...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Design!

I did it....I decided to get my blog re-designed! Honestly... I've been flip-flopping lately as to whether I should even keep blogging. But...once you start it's hard to stop ( it stings! ...hehehe :) )

Brea at Utterly Chaotic did great, and I love it! I feel very at home now. I was originally going to go with a more military like theme since the Navy and I aren't exactly on speaking terms right now ( call me unpatriotic, but the sight of blue digi-cam makes me throw up in my mouth a bit at this point) I wanted something that reflected me personally a little more...and so I could continue to make this my 'zen' place.

I love it!

Thanks Brea!! 

PS- There is still a little bit of construction going on so...forgive me if all my pages aren't up and working quite yet! They will be soon, I promise!