Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back From Camp!

Well, I made it back from camp in one piece! I had a great time, which is the reason I said I would go even being 7 months prego! When I was younger and actually in Young Woman's I always had a great time at Girls Camp. I have very fond memories of the one week every sumer where I would "rough it" in the woods with other girls from my Ward and Stake and learn all sorts of stuff about camping, and be spiritually fed at the same time. It was no different this time, even being a leader instead of a camper. I think I actually had more fun this time because I have such a great group of girls in my Ward and it was fun to watch them interact with each other and do all of the activities that we planned and learn the same things I learned not to long ago. :)

We did end up coming home a day early however. On Wednesday we had some odd occurrences with a weird older man that appeared to be scoping out the camp for whatever reason. It was an all girls camp, the only men with us were a couple of men from the Stake there to make sure that everything went alright. And you know how camp sites are, I mean you had to travel like 4 or 5 miles deep into the woods to even get to our camp site, and we were the only ones authorized to be there. So, Wednesday this creepy looking older man showed up in a truck, with what appeared to be all of his belongings. There was several sitings of him by both leaders and girls. He drove his truck right up to the site early in the day and just kind sat there for a few moments checking everything out. Then I guess he spent some time on the lake "fishing" in the afternoon while the girls had free time and were down there swimming. And then we had reports by several girls during our campfire time in the evening that they had seen a guy matching his description down by their cabins and close to the bathrooms just kind of skulking around in the woods. So after a full day of this and we had dismissed the girls to their cabins for the night, a couple of the Stake leaders decided to go check out this access road that went around our camp in the woods a little, and they found him there just chilling out by his truck with a small little fire built, apparently cozying in for the night. So after that the Stake leaders called all of the girls back up to the large cabin that we used as a cafeteria and the entire camp slept there for the night, with our Priesthood holders taking shifts and standing watch during the night. While we had every one together they called the park rangers who said that they ran him off, but we had a cabin of girls report that their cabin had been broken into and some personal items had been stolen. So the leaders made the decision to cut camp a day short and leave the next morning. It was a good thing too, because even after the rangers had told the guy to head out, he showed up again the next morning when we were all getting ready to leave. The leaders called the police this time and gave a report. So...a little bit of an adventure I guess!

Kinda creepy, but I'm glad that the leaders reacted the way that they did. Definitely better safe than sorry in a situation like that. It would have been horrible if something actually had happened to some of our girls, but thankfully our leaders listen to the direction of the Spirit and nothing worse then a few missing items and a long night on a cold stone floor came from it.

So, I have a few pictures of my cabin and the main cabin. Then there is a picture or two of some girls trying to do a trick with a piece of string, there are some pictures of the girls performing our skit on Wednesday evening and then a group picture of the girls that came from my Ward that I was responsible for.

On a side note, coming home early did allow for me to be here and go with Erick to pick up his mom, so that was a blessing in disguise. She's been here for a day and a half and things have been great so far. I'm also going to get some pictures up of the bedding that I've made for the baby, it's turned out really nice. I've just got to finish binding the quilt and then sew the bed-skirt together and it's all finished! I'll try to get those up tomorrow or possibly Monday. I guess I've rambled enough for now though!


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Three Catanzaros said...

ya know...i just realized that u copied me with your "thoughts" ....lame

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Glad to here every thing went so well...other than the creep...and that you are getting things done that you want. I love ya and enjoy reading your blogs. Love ya Stacie

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Hey Jenn

Tell Erik to stay away from the girld camp next year. Just kidding. By the way MUPPETS RULE. LOL Anways glad to here you were safe and sound.