Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking So long!!

Man...I can't decide if it's my blog or if its my computer but I'm going crazy trying to get my blog changed again! We all know how I have a habit of changing blog backgrounds and colors frequently, and because I haven't been on in a while, of course I wanted to do it again. Only it won't let me change the colors of my fonts and its freaking annoying!! ::Sigh:: maybe it'll let me do it in a day or two!

Anywhoodle...well I'm back! And we have the internet! And I have pictures and videos of Lorelai from our little month's vacation. Probably won't get them all on here right this moment but...I figure a little here a little there, you'll get them all eventually!

So here's a small video from yesterday to tied you over until the next time I post ( which will be much sooner I promise!)'s a question for any of you devoted readers: cloth diapers or not? We're using disposables right now but thinking seriously about switching... any opinions?


3 thoughts:

Katrina said...

she is a cutie I miss her but glad that things are going so well
Love ya, Mom

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

My friend Brenna does cloth diapers and they work pretty good. They are a pretty heafty upfront price. Personally I do not like washing dirty diapers. It requires lots of laudry everyday. I like just getting rid of them, but then I had a three in diapers at one time. Good luck with the deciction. Glad your going to be on more frequently. :) Love ya

Sariah said...

Look at her! She has changed so much since you were here. WOW!

As for cloth diapers... I thought about doing them but with twins I am thinking that would be a death wish for myself. lol! But I know they work for a lot of people. Good luck.

We miss you so much. Hope my family is taking great care of you guys!