Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I may have done something stupid...but he his just plain dumb! ( This post is rated PG for brief Language)

Alright so...I finally cleaned up my walk-way and took some pictures of my garden sister-in-laws having been working so hard on all of their projects and posting them on here that I didn't want to be left out. I've been a busy little bee myself, however there are very few of the things I have been working on that I can actually post right at this moment, BUT, my garden does happen to be one of them!

First though...I want to tell you a funny little story. My husband is on over nights right now, and he didn't get home this morning until close to 11. L was still sleeping and I was out front trying to clean my my sidewalk.'ll notice the big dirty wet spot on my side walk, thats the lingering remnant of a pile of rocks and dirt I had to clean out of my flower bed and toss onto my side walk before I could do any planting. Anyway...of course they were the last thing to get cleaned up. So I brought one of our trash cans over and just started piling up the rocks in the trash can. I get all the rocks shoveled up and I go to move the can and...well it's too heavy to move. Smooth move Jen...should have figured in the weight of all those rocks. Well I call my husband out to help me move it.....

And he proceeds to be the BIGGEST PANSEY ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET!!!!!!!!! Not only does he curse at me ( the DAMN trash can!), but he makes me feel like an idiot for not thinking about what the weight of all the rocks in the trash can, and then grunts and "stubs his toe" on the weight of the can, not even moving it an inch, so he goes into the garrage all in a grumble and tell me I need to put at least 1/3 of the rocks into the other can so that we can move it.

Well I tell him to go inside, that I don't need his help, and I go about trying to fix the problem my self.

I spend the whole time while I take a few shovel fulls of rocks from one can to the other, and then procees to push and drag the can across the driveway myself, thinking about how in the world I ended up marrying a man that was such a....well a wimp!!!! I grew up with some strong, manly men surrounding me, and some of the best problem solvers too! I think of my younger brother Matt and he would have tried to help me find a way to man handle those rocks over to where I needed to be without having to unload the whole can!!

And, as I was in a very ungrateful and unforgiving mood at that point, I thought to myself...what in the world is my husband good for? The only thing he does REALLY good is go to work and bring home a paycheck!!! He stuggles with Lorelai, he struggels with helping with house work, he can't even do any manual labor around the house!!! Just this week I've had to install air conditioners( which are not light, mind you) with the help of a church friend, and move a ton of rocks out of my drive way by myself!! Who is the real man in this relationship? As it turns's ME!!!

Well...I knew this blog would be cathartic, and as I've had a chance to cool down other points have hit me....first of all Erick and I are almost to our 2 year point of marriage, still pretty new to it, but pretty well past the honey moon stage. Life, well, has now begun, and we're realizing stuff about one another that, we may have notice before we got married, but it was a whole heck of alot easier to ignor with the glasses of blissful love still on. That and, there are pleanty of things that Erick does, that I would miss if he wasn't around ( and will miss when he gets deployed here in the near future) He makes me laugh like almost no one else can, he makes me be less impulsive, he's an amazing Preisthood holder who always puts 100 percent into his church duties and brings the spirit into our home, he loves L and even though bungles alot with her, its not for lack of trying and she adores him for it...the list goes on.

I've read some books lately about motherhood and being grateful and working on finding contentment in motherhood, and one of the points that was made was about learning to "make peace with the invisabilty of my efforts". turns out I'm actually going to be the handy man around my own house...I'm sure that there are alot more women out there than I realize that are the handy men of their household too. At least the work will get done right? And then I can look forward to standing infront of the bar at judgement and saying " Yes Lord, I learned how to install an air conditioner and haul a ton of rocks out of my yard by myself " and count that as one of the many things I've learned along the way to progressing towards my eternal salavation.

Anyway...thats my rant for the are the pictures! We've had a bit of rain lately, I think the plants in my bed have been a bit over watered so that why they look a little sad right now.....but hopefully the'll make it through!!


Before :)

After :)

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Very nice. I don't think I have seen the outside of your house and it looks really nice. The hanging pots really add a nice demention. :) As for husbands, I am defently the jack of all trades in our house too. You learn to balance it out. ;)

Three Catanzaros said...

CUTE!!!!!! Wow look at you:) *tear* :) (i'm jealous) I can't wait to see you!

Katrina said...

Hey Jenny nice talking with you just a moment ago.. your yard and house look great, and as far as husbands are concern, Lorelai will think her daddy is strong and wise and does all those things that in the end you did't know your mom oh and by the way the flag you have in your front yard, well I have the same one... you are your mothers you.