Monday, June 22, 2009

A Happy Fathers Day

Well....I don't feel that I've been any more a a slacker than I usually am just because Meggan is here, so here I am to post my bi-weekly post :) Things are going good here, Meg's visit is coming to a close and it's a little bitter sweet. I'm looking a little forward to just getting back into a semblance of a routine with Lorelai and Erick, and kinda doing our own little family thing again. Also, I've got a few more projects in prep for me going out to Utah in mid August that I haven't been able to work on while she has been here that I need to get finished. But....I'm really gonna miss her when she goes. I really do wish I lived closer to my family, but I'm pretty sure every one does who lives far away from home. I know that Lorelai is going to miss them both also, I fear that she's going to be a little out of sorts the first couple of days that it's just me and her again. But I's only 6 short weeks and then I'm headed out to Utah for the end of summer I really shouldn't complain, the time always goes faster than you think it will!

Lulu is army crawling like a little fiend now! It's about time she got a little more movement then just rolling over! She's still not on her full hands and knees yet, but I know she'll be there soon, she gets up on all fours frequently durring the day. That and she can sit herself up completely now, I had to move her crib matress down to the middle notch, she was sitting up with her hands hanging onto the side of her crib when I got her out of bed this morning. Not gonna be too long and I'm gonna have to move it down to the last notches, when she learns how to stand up!

Anywhoodle, I should go get cleaned up for the day, but I wanted to post quickly, and put up some pictures of the cake that I made for Erick for fathers day. I was pretty happy with it!

Until next time!

2 thoughts:

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Cute cake Jen. Marc got breakfast in bed but no cake. :) I am glad having the crew there has been good, but we always tend to be ready for our company to head out by the end of it. See you soon.

Katrina said...

Hey Jen great cake you really did a great job. Your dad got nothing in the line of breakfast or cake... we were traveling. I know you will miss Meg and B when they leave it is always a sweet sorrow, but you will be home soon, and I can't wait. Take care and post soon again. Love you...