Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stressed Mommy

Man...I don't know whats been with me lately but I really just feel like....behind. Behind in like...everything! And I've had a terrible urge to cry for the last like 3 days, lol...and I have no idea why!

Moo thinks that I'm stressing about too much. ( ie: my husband leaving on deployment, my crazy cranky daughter, trying to keep my house immaculate...wait, I mean hygenic, trying to find time to work on sewing projects, researching healthy family eating habits, researching starting my own business, my neice being born far far away from me...the list goes on)

My husband blamed hormones. Figures he would...that's the safety net for men who have no idea why their wives are acting psychotic... it's got to be PMS, no matter what time of the month it is.

L...well L doesn't notice that Mommy's a little bit more stressed as of late, she's too busy cutting painful teeth and learning how to walk to care about anything more then whether or not I'm in the same room as she's in. ( And oh for the melt-down if I'm not!)

So...for now, I guess we're all dealing with Stressed Mommy...praying fervently that relaxed Happy Mommy returns very soon!

I'm posting pictures of another one of my creations. it's a diaper bag for Moo. She's already seen it so, no guilt about ruining any surprises!

Lots of Love until next time!

2 thoughts:

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

That's a really cute bag Jen. As for all of the rest, make sure your not prego, then just breath. :) Grab a big white board, write everything out, take what you can control and let the rest go. and BREATH! I am sorry you are so stressed. It is not easy dealing with everything that is on your plate. I love ya. Keep your chin up. Stacie

Katrina said...

Hi Jen, I know it is not easy to have every thing at once going on, it does get better tho, you need to stand back look at all the blessings you have , let the things go that aren't really important at the moment and just try to take one day at a time. Instead of being stressed about Erick leave soon, enjoy each moment you do have with him. It isn't easy I know but well worth it. As far as cranky L... well the teeth will come in and after that there will always be something else. She is growing and trying to learn all those things that she needs to do. Jenny, life isn't easy but it is worth every moment and when you look back at it you will not remember all the bad times, you will remember the wonderful times, and these times your going through right now, are the good times.... I love you so much and you know I am only a phone call a way... I know you lean on Meggan alot and I do understand that but if you want to talk give me a call. Love you sweet girl....