Saturday, May 15, 2010

HELP! I need a new blog title...

Alright...I purposefully picked " Diary of a Navy Wife" because I thought it was so obvious (and because coming up with names for my blog has ALWAYS been a struggle for me) that I thought no one in the world would have the same name. But unfortunately during my recent dive into the world of mil-spouse blogging, I have stumbled across a blog with the same name. So...not to be confused with that wonderful blogger, I think I should change my name...( and I'll have to do yet another header...::sigh::)

I could do something like just change the word 'diary' to 'journal'. But I thought I'd put the question out there....any idea for a Navy themed blog title? If yes...send them my way! I could use a little inspiration :)

Until next time

3 thoughts:

KK said...

Do something from a song.

"The longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss"
"Ocean size love"

Amber said...

How about...."Popeye's wife"....hmmmm....I feel the same way about my blogs. I have 2 of them, my milblog, and then my family blog. My milblog use to be called, "Dear Matt"...but then I changed it to "Goodnight moon" because whenever I write my hubs, I always say, goodnight moon...I thought it was fitting. As for my family's called, "Willis, Party of 6"'s not very grand sounding.

Lets see...back to you....."Always under the same stars".....I'm gonna have to think more about it. Good luck!!!!!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Surfacing: The life of a Submarine-Wife

Rig For Dive - And everything else it take to survive this adventure

Good luck on the new title.