Saturday, March 12, 2011


Oh my much am I a slacker huh?? One week of traveling and I'm all out of wack!! Things have been pretty busy this week trying to settle in and get the kids back on a routine. I've had some boat meetings this week that required my attention, not to mention catching up with all of my friends that I have left for the last 5 months! And then I felt bad because I had ambitions to get the next installment for Sunday Story Time done, and I seriously have just not had the brain capacity I need to write it!! I know...way to strand you in the middle of a story right???

So we're fairly settled in I think....mostly unpacked, my house now in the familiar state of chaos that it usually resides in. :) The kids were HEAVEN for seriously like the first 5 days we were here...I honestly thought I was going skip through the two week transition period with Pollyanna...but I obviously thought too soon, because Thursday the ever so pleasant ( re: mouthy and rebellious) two year old  that I know and love decided to come back into the house, and now all really does seem normal around here...

AND....I found out that my ear infection is....not actually an ear infection! It's a disorder called TMJ....and is basically an inflammation of the tendon that connects my jaw to my skull. I have this weird tendency to clench my teeth when I'm stressed...deployment has brought that out like none other, I get regular tension headaches and jaw aches because of it. Obviously I try to stop myself when I am aware of it, but I can't very well stop myself from clenching in my sleep!! So, I have to make an appointment with my dentist to see what can be done to hopefully correct the situation and get rid of this horrible ear ache!! Fun, huh?

If only Skunky would come home soon. :) story time this week as well! Sorry to leave you hanging....I gotta get my mojo back on!! I have a bad enough memory as it is, and I just haven't had the brain capacity to sit down this week and write the next chapter in our story with any accuracy! I really hope you guys remain patient with me....I promise I'm going to get back on  track!!

So I leave you with promise to return onto a regular schedule this week!!

until next time!

3 thoughts:

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

Sorry about the TMJ. Does your jaw pop too? Mine does. Anyway. Hope you survive your return to normalcy. :)

Nana S. said...

Sorry to hear about the is miserable. Hopefully the dentist can help. Hugs with lots of love from us.

housewife said...

you promised story time for this excuse! very...very...disappointed