Monday, April 11, 2011

Sew a Tabby Baby Blanket with Poekitten!

I'm excited to have Poekitten from Many Waters here today! She's a crafty girl ( like me!) and I really enjoy when she features projects or recipes on her blog! She's gonna share a great project today, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

 When Jenn contacted me about writing a guest post I was excited and said of course!  I love being able to help out bloggy friends in this way.  She asked if I would be willing to do a tutorial since I'm crafty (or pretend to be anyway).  I had to think for a bit before I figured out what I wanted to make.  I decided on a tabby baby blanket.  I had seen some for sale in a consignment shop for $20.  I KNEW I could make it for less.  I looked around online very briefly and saw them selling for around $32.  That's crazy for an easy to make blanket!  They make great shower gifts and I have several pregnant friends.They need tabby baby blankets!

1/2 Back material (I used minky fabric)
1/2 Front material (I used flannel)
Assorted Ribbon
Sewing Machine
Silk pins
Rotary cutter, mat & rulers

 Super Simple Steps for a Tabby Baby Blanket

Step 1.  Cut material to desired size.  I cut them into 18 inch squares using my rotary cutter, mat & rulers.

Step 2.  Cut ribbon into 6 inch strips.  This will make them about 2 inches sticking out.  you can make them longer/shorter if you'd like.

Step 3.  Fold the ribbon in half and pin to the right side of the material for the front.  I am not a perfectionist so to help myself out I placed my square on the edge of my cutting mat.  I then pinned ribbons on at the 3", 7", 11" & 15"  marks.
Lined up against the cutting mat ruler.
When I had one side done I would turn it and line up the edge again.  This way the ribbon was evenly spaced around the whole square.  I use silk pins because they are thin and you are able to keep them in while you're sewing.  As you come up on one, slow down just a little but if you sew the pin it's ok.  The pin will bend but your needle should not break.  This is how I line up my seams and they are usually perfect!

All the ribbons pinned on
Step 4.  Place the material for the back on top with the right side facing down.  Pin together.  I pinned in between the pieces of ribbon.  Because I use the silk pins, I don't have to take them out while sewing.

Step 5.  Sew the pieces of fabric together.  I start at one end and go all the way to the other edge.  I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Step 5 1/2.  Don't forget to leave an space so you can turn the blanket.  I put mine on the bottom in between the two middle ribbons.  It's not a huge space but it's enough to turn it.

Step 6.   Take out the pins and turn the blanket, making sure to push out the corners.  Snipping the corners makes it easier to get crisp corners.

Step 7.   Iron the blanket.  I like to iron it here so that it's easier to sew it in the next step.  I also make sure to iron the opening to match the rest of the blanket.

Step 8.  Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew all the way around.  This gives it a finished look as well and helps the ribbons stay in place.  Also, because I used a 1/2 inch allowance when sewing it together, I can now use the 1/4 inch and it will close the opening left to turn it.  I hate hand sewing it closed and this eliminates that step.
I use a 1/4" foot to get a perfect allowance every time.
Step 9. Step back and enjoy the finished project.

Finished Tabby Blanket

I hope you find this helpful!  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me!  You can find me at Many Waters!

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Ooooh this is a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.