Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bi-weekly update! :)'s been a few weeks since I was on here so I figured, I have a nice quiet day today, now is as good of time as ever I guess!

I only have a few pictures this week. Erick and I are getting every closer to our Temple Sealing ( we have our interviews with the Stake President next wednesday!!) and I've been needing to think about what I"m going to wear since I can't fit into my wedding dress as of right now! Stacie is going to be nice and let me borrow one of her dresses for inside the temple, but Meggan convinced me that I wanted to wear a white dress in any pictures that we take, instead of just my normal church clothes. So here's what Ive been up to this week:

It doesn't have the sleeves on it yet, neither is it hemmed but u get the general idea of what it looks like. I think it will be suitable for the occasion. :)

What else? I had my 36 week appointment on monday, and everything appears to be going well. At least they didn't tell me that anything was wrong, and no news is good news when it comes to the Navy! I also had my GBS screening, and I'm sure all you women can relate to what an...unusual experience that is! Erick was there for this appointment, and he was amused by my facial expressions I guess. I told him that I wanted to be there for his first prostate exam so I could laugh at his facial expressions!! :)

I have another appointment this coming monday, and thats how things will go until she gets here! We're pretty excited, and definitely ready. As far as how I've been feeling though this week has been pretty good, I didn't even hurt as much as I usually do when I got out of bed this morning. I feel like I can make it through another four weeks of this, so that's good. LOL Now watch her come tomorrow!!

Erick is almost done with school and very ready!! He's got a little over a week to go before he takes his final written exam next thursday, and then takes his final oral exam next friday. He'll still have two weeks of puttsing around at work but, it will be shorter hours and not the stress of studying like has had so, it will be good. We're ready for him to be finished and have a week off before he has one last 4 month stretch of schooling before he can jump into the Fleet.

So...all is well down south!! We can't wait for Meg and my mom to get out here in the next two weeks, it will be so nice to see my I know you all can relate to with your own families.

So...I guess that's it for now!

until next time,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Jenny that dress is beautiful. Why don't you wear that inside the temple and out. All you need is long sleeves. Love ya, Glad to see your update. You will need to get in practice of updating once a week so that we can see our beautiful new neice and how she is growing. :) Love Ya Stacie

katrina said...

Jen the dress is beautiful, and you do such a lovely job at sewing, you have grammy Rose's talent when it comes to that.I am proud of you. I also am really anxious for my trip, can't wait to see you Erick and the whe baby when she gets here. Love you lots, Mom

Sariah said...

You did an awesome job Jen! Can't wait to see you in it. YAY!

ps I tagged you on my blog (sorry)