Monday, April 27, 2009


I know...I really am lame for waiting so long in between my posts. I have a hundred and one excuses for why I haven't posted....but, they all seem pretty lame when I'm here trying to rationalize why I don't get on more. For one thing, I actually have been pretty busy...or at least keeping myself busy. I've got SEVERAL projects I have been working on for Lorelai and others, but unfortunately I can't post them on here just yet because there are people who keep and eye on my blog that I need to surprise the rest of you will have to suffer until the end of summer when I can finally post all of my hard work for all to see and enjoy.

I think I've been keeping myself busy because I'm a touch home-sick. I like CT, I'm happy here...actually have a form of contentment that I didn't have in SC...maybe because I know we're going to be here for a while so I don't feel like my life is in some funky transition state anymore. However...that actually could be making the homesickness more knowing that I'm going to be here for a few years and I have no legitimate reason to leave until August.

Another reason I haven't gotten on....I haven't taken any new videos or pictures of Lorelai! She got her cast off and now is just a normal 7-month-old. Growing like a weed, sure. On the verge of crawling, absolutely
. But other then that...not much has changed. I'll try to get a video of her doing her army crawl here soon...although she really does just prefer to roll everywhere. That and I need to get a video/ pic of her eating her little biter cookies now....she's kind of getting the hand of chewing with her gums, but she has no idea what to do with any small food like a cherio or a yogurt puff. And there are NO teeth to speak of in the childs mouth. She hardly drools and never chews on random stuff anymore. I'm starting to think she'll never get teeth...

Let me see if I can dig up a pic of her I haven't posted yet...that way I don't feel like such a poopcicle.

'Till later,

3 thoughts:

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

LOL. Poopcycle. Don't worry about the teeth. The longer they stay up in the gums the better they will be cavity wise when they come out. More floride. Nice pic :)

Katrina said...

Hi Jen, nice picture but grammy wants up to date pictures if you please.... lol... don't worry about teeth, they will come in soon. As far as home sickness is concerned, just keep busy and before you know it Aug. will be here. We look foward to it also... can't wait. Love you all

Three Catanzaros said...

you kills me that i hound and hound and when you do the last one thats able to comment! poopsicle is right:)