Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lorel-ai, Lorel-ai! the request of Grammy and Auntie Meggan I've taken some video of L this morning for everyone to see. I also plan to do a fashion show of the nice new outfits that Grammy and Auntie sent us this afternoon and post those also. :)

These of just of her sitting and playing on the floor. My camera is going on the fritz ( yay!!!! Now I have an excuse to get Erick to buy me a better one!!!) so sorry if the video's are a bit craptacular.


3 thoughts:

Three Catanzaros said...

LOL...I looove the last video! hahahaha. What a special special girl:) Nice to see the update:)

Katrina said...

Thank you... thank you....she is so big and what a cutie... I miss her so much and you two. Keep up the updates please..... Love ya,

Katrina said...

LOL.. Look at the cute little TV junkie! She is so funny. I love the screeches. Man she is growing fast! Great see an update. :) Yea this is Stacie on your moms computer. Love ya