Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why do women do this too each other?

Oh my goodness....I don't know how a week got away from me without posting! Oh wait...actually I do. :) Probably has to do something with chasing after my rambunctious 18-month-old, the GORGEOUS 70 degree weather we've been having all week, and my need to get projects done so as to feel fully "nested" before our bouncing baby boy gets here at the end of next month!

Seriously though...I've had things I've wanted to talk about so I've been thinking about posting since like Wednesday. However I'm so wiped at the end of the night that I usually just pass out on the couch after I get darling L into bed! But not today! Today I will finally get my butt on here and write something interesting! REALLY! I swear :)

So my amazing husband didn't end up leaving until Tuesday if you can believe it. That's right...after saying goodbye to him for the second time in 2 days on Sunday, he came home Monday also. And we had to say "goodbye" again Tuesday morning!! In reality it didn't actually go like that. I dropped him off at the boat and told him that he'd better get a free moment and call me if they were actually leaving that day and THEN we could say goodbye, cause otherwise I'd just expect to get a call asking me to come pick him up again.

Well, he did call, and they did leave, and we did say "goodbye" three times in one weekend. I am grateful we got the extra time together. I think our daughter, in particular, really enjoyed having Daddy around ( because per my previous post, I was actually sick the whole weekend!) But holy emotional roller coaster! By Tuesday I was actually looking forward to him leaving! Well that is until the after the last phone call, when I hung up and the melancholy started to settle in again. :)

On another note, we've had new neighbors move into the house on our left. They have two young girls, a 4 year old and a 2 year old, and it's been nice having another family with young kids on the street, because since we've moved here our daughter has been the youngest. And it's just in time for summer!

Has anyone taken notice, though, how really odd women are? I remember just after my husband and I got married we were living in Charleston, SC while he was finishing up his Nuclear training at the Navy Nuc School down there. After the honeymoon my husband started school immediately, and thus began 12 to 16 hour days of me being by myself. I'd never lived in SC before, we had NO furniture besides my childhood bed I brought with me, some blankets, and a laptop computer that we watched movies on. We didn't even have a car for the first little while, so I couldn't even look for a job! After the first three weeks of sitting around in our little duplex, staring at white walls and getting tired of our VERY limited dvd collection, I finally decided to march myself across the street and make friends with the neighbors I'd been watching through our front windows. :)

I invited the wife over to my house that afternoon, and we played a card game on my bare living room floor, while I proceeded to tell her my entire life story, AND everything I had experienced in the short 3 weeks that my husband and I had been married. And I mean...everything. :) Things I would later, and more importantly my husband would, regret telling her. Fortunately for us, that couple ended up being some of our closest friends in SC, and we were very sad to see them leave. But the wife was the kind of person who would bring up things I had told her on that day just to see my husband squirm! For me...lesson learned; don't ever let yourself be stuck in a place with no furniture, no entertainment, no friends, and no escape! No matter how much you love the man. :)

I mention this because I find myself in a similar predicament with this new neighbor. Only I'm the one getting all the dirty laundry from my poor neighbor who obviously really just needs a friend. And honestly...and I know I'm going to hell for feeling this way...but I don't want to know, I don't actually care, AND I feel smothered now. :) I've learned that easing into friendships is REALLY, TRULY, the best way for both people to grow one. Because if one or the other just drops all the bombs in the first week...lets be honest, you scare people. WHY?? Why do women do this to each other???

What's even funnier is this week I've been paying attention to a wall on facebook that is discussing the issue of whether women belong on Submarines. My husband is stationed on a Fast Attack, and obviously most of the other Navy Wives that I socialize with are women whose husbands are, or have been, on submarines also. And none of us feel that it's a place where a woman should be. It's too demanding and dangerous and stressful! And women...lets face it...we can't help ourselves! We are made the way we're made, and we're NOT men and thank goodness for that! But take a situation similar to me and my new neighbor, (or worse!) put that into the confines of a tube that is underwater and doesn't surface for days, weeks, or even months on end and what do you people think is going to happen???

At least I can lock the door, close the blinds, and pretend no one is home. :)

until next time,

2 thoughts:

Meggan said...

glad you shared the crazy-ness ;)

Katrina said...

Jen, she must have felt comfortable with you and also really needed a friend. Now you have the ablitity to take what she said and put it in the depths of your memory and forget what she has told you, but be understanding and yes pretend that your not home at times... for woman being on subs or any ship with Men has always bothered me.... so totally agree.