Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lemonade, Anyone?

That's correct...we're still waiting for baby number two to show his wonderful face to the world! In reality I've still got 10 days before my due date, and I don't actually feel like I'm gonna go into labor anytime soon. I only went two days before little L's due date. I guess on the one hand a preggo woman probably always hopes that she'll go a little early...I mean you're just so uncomfortable at the end! And chasing after a one and 1/2 year old, I do have moments when I'm like...alright u can come anytime now! But for the most part, I don't feel nearly as stressed as I did at the end with L. I really do feel like it'll happen when it happens. Actually...(and because I'm putting this into print it won't happen of course!) part of me actually wants to go late and be induced. Just because...with the hubby's schedule being the way that it is, it would really make his life easier if this labor could be a little more...predicatable. If there is such a thing as predictable labor :) I guess we'll see! It's really in Heavenly Father's hands.

This in-port period I have to say, has felt blissful to me, if you want to know the truth. I think part of it is because of my hormonally charged body. And I worried about the hubby a little the first couple of days took him a while to shake off the depression he felt on the last underway, and that made me worried. For anyone who doesn't know him, my hubby is the kind of guy who when given lemons, makes lemonade. I think this time though, on a three week 'diet' of lemons, he shut down his lemonade stand for a few days and decided to just sit in the dark for a while. It was odd for me...he's always the strong one, but that's what marriage is about right? Holding the other up during their time of need...and I guess I did alright cause he's back to normal. :) I think it's actually helped that his boat's galley has been closed for renovation for the last week and 1/2. So we've had the opportunity to go and have lunch with him, and dinner on duty days, pretty much every day. It's been nice to have a daily break with eachother. I'm gonna miss it when the galley is back in working order this week! But then...hopefully we'll get a new baby and get to have even more quality time together. And my good mood can continue for a few more weeks. :)

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Katrina said...

You sound great Jen... hang in there HE will come soon... and I am glad that Erick is doing better... Love you