Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peel and Stick...lame? Or not? I've decided that one of the coolest things I've found for home decorating come from this company:

Now I know what you're thinking...peel and stick? REALLY? Could you be more....cheesy? But really, these little babies have allowed me to have cute nurseries for my kids, WITHOUT all the pain and anguish that comes from painting walls in a RENTED apartment.

We live in military housing, and sure...I could paint if I wanted. And that is...IF I wanted to paint the walls back to the original color when we move out in 3 or 4 years. And that's just not me....I don't change things KNOWING it's gonna have to be changed back to the state I found it in. That just seems kind of...pointless to me.

So when my daughter was born I bought these at Walmart:

And her nursery looked like this:

Cheery, happy, and cute!( As a side note, I made her crib bedding, so if you know anyone looking for cute homemade crib bedding, send them my way!!)

For my son, I recently ordered these off line:

And this is a little taste of his nursery:

(Sorry the picture is dark...I'll get a few better ones up once all of his wall decorations are done, but hopefully you get the idea :))

So all I'm saying is, if you feel in a bind about decorating walls in your rented apartment, don't hesitate to get some stickers and decorate away!! Best 14 dollars I EVER spent!

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Those are some nice pictures of the walls. See you just throw a kid in there and you'd be all set. ;)