Friday, May 21, 2010

He's Home Again!

Well I made it! I made it through my first underway with two kids!! It was only a little one-weeker, and I actually think it went pretty smoothly. I wasn't NEARLY as emotional as I had been all of Duder's pregnancy. It did drag a little bit more then I was expecting it to with the added chores a newborn brings, and I definitely was feeling it the last couple of days...mostly just tired and lonely. Not "kill myself" lonely....more like "angry that you're gone" lonely. At least I can function decently through the anger :)

It's funny though... I'm reminded of a post I read here not too long ago about looking forward to a homecoming. I think, especially for Navy wifes, this applies for all of the underways, whether it be an actual deployment or not. I totally spent the last two days of the underway dreaming about how our meeting would be. We were actually hoping he would have duty the day that they got in, so that would allow him to have the weekend off, as my parents and sister and her kids are coming in this weekend ( As it is he has duty today so... he still gets saturday and sunday so...yay! even though he only got to come home for a few hours and then return to the boat for another 24 hours ::sigh::) . So I saw myself dropping the kids off at a babysitter while I went down to the pier and hugged and kissed my beloved one, and then we spent and hour to and hour and 1/2 catching up and making out on the pier somewhere dark and secluded behind some random large piece of machinery that I have no idea what it's used for. :)

Want to know how it actually happened? I spent the day helping a friend who had an emergency and needed a little support. We didn't get home until and hour before Crazy Girl's bedtime, and I still hadn't heard a word from the Hubs as to whether or not they had actually made it into port. And I DESPERATELY needed to hear something from him at this point because of the emotionally draining day that I had had. So we got home, my oldest decided to spill an entire bottle of water over herself and my couch, while the baby screamed in his car seat to bed fed. So I did a quick clean up of the couch and stripped Crazy Girl down to her diaper, put on a movie to keep her occupied, and then settled down to feed Duder. We made it through the feeding just in time to get a knock at the door from a magazine salesman AWESOME! :/I have a hard time saying no to those guys without atleast hearing their story, so there I was, standing at my door trying to burb a baby with my naked toddler running around crazy in the background or tryin to escape out the semi-open front door when the Hubs drives up! He clamors out of his car, seabag on his back, COVERED in dirt and grime and Crazy Girl goes BALLISTIC to see him! She escapes out the front door in nothing but her diaper and runs across the yard and practically into the street to see her dad. Of course, the Hubs has this weird aversion to picking her up while he's all dirty from work, so she hugs his legs and asked to be picked up, which he refuses, and she then proceeds to have a full blow tantrum right there on the grass. At this point, Duder is crying cause he can't bring up the burp we've been working on this whole time and he's uncomfortable, and the poor magazine guy is STILL trying to get his plug in. I pass the magazine guy over to the Hubs, while I attempt to get Crazy girl back in the house to finish her tantrum. The Hubs makes quick work of dismissing magazine guy ( THANK THE LORD) and steps into the door to do damage control with the kids. He STILL wont pick Crazy Girl up until he's atleast attempted to clean up a little, so he scoots into the small downstairs bathroom to atleast wash his hands and face. Crazy Girl follows, and gets quickly distracted by the toilet water, which insites a stern yell out of the Hubs to not play with that, which in turn starts ANOTHER tantrum, because the first thing Daddy does after coming home in over a week is yell at her. ::SIGH::

Needless to say, it took and ENTIRE HOUR to get the kids calmed down and in bed before a sense of semi-peace settled over the house and the Hubs and I could actually look at eachother and say " Hi! I'm gad to see you!"

I wonder if this will be one of those times that we look back on years from now, and say " Remember the time when you came home from an underway and all hell broke lose?" I certianly hope so. :)

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