Saturday, July 10, 2010

On a need to know basis...

So the Hubs FINALLY made it home Wednesday night...YAAAAAAAAAY! Wednesday was a bit of a stressfull day for me actually... most of my own making, but still. :)

So far this command has been pretty good at getting us information about when the boat comes in so I've been able to go down and watch the boat come down the river and make myself feel better, as well it allows me time to get myself in order mentally and physically for our reunion. But,'s not uncommon for this command to not notify us a change was made during and underway that would keep them from coming in on schedule...really it's been just like anything in this military life of mine, and I need to constantly remind myself that NOTHING is predictable, and to expect things to be changed from what I was told.

So when I heard nothing on Tuesday about the boat coming in, I assumed that for whatever reason it wasn't coming in on time and to not expect them until probably Thursday. Of course that put me in a funk all day who am I kidding, I was P.O.ed!! And I got more and more mad as the day progressed and I still hadn't heard anything about the boat coming in.

Well bedtime for the munchkins rolled around, I got Pollyanna all settled, and went to get Piglet out of his crib ( he plays there with his mobile while I get his sister in bed) and his crib is right by a window that has a view up the street to a house where another family from our boat lives. And I happened to glance out the window just as that family was all getting into their car to go out somewhere...including their Sailor.

I stopped dead in my tracks as my heart skipped a beat. I thought back over the last 30 days...did he just not go with with boat and I missed it?? I was pretty sure I hadn't seen him the whole time, and his truck had been parked in the same place it's usually parked when they go on why was he home and I hadn't heard anything from the Hubs yet?!?!

I took a moment to compose myself, and then made a decision to call one of the only other wives I know on the boat. I would have called the FRG or ombudsman, but unfortunately, both are somewhat unreliable, so I try to use those as a last resort. Their son answered the phone and told me that she was unavilable at the moment, so he took a message for me and we hung up. 'Of course she's unavailable!' I thought to myself.' The freaking boat is home, and everyone has heard from their husbands except me!'

As I was standing their debating my next move, honestly... trying to fight back tears, my phone rings. It's the Hubs, and he wants me to come pick him up.

Well I did, and after a frustrated rant about how SOME ONE should have informed me that the boat was in, and why the heck didn't he take 5 minutes (like he usually does) to call and let me know the boat was in, why the HECK did I have to figure it out by SPYING on my neighbors for goodness sake!...we got home, settled down, and were able to enjoy an evening and the full next day of blissful reunion.

So now we have several weeks together ( including some leave next week which I am STOKED for!!) before the crazy pre-deployment work-up starts. Awesome.

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