Friday, July 9, 2010

My most embarrassing moment?!

I TOTALLY had this post all written yesterday, so in my limited time today all I would have to do was publish it and that way free up time to work on another blog I contribute to, but when I went to find the draft this morning...gone, extinct...not even there! ( guess now I've learned to back-up my posts!) Mildly frustrating since I tend to write a book every time I blog! I'll do my best though, to recreate my fabulous post in the limited time I have this morning!
  1. What is your favorite household chore? I really enjoy general household straightening. It used to be laundry, but with my growing family there is too much of it now for me to enjoy it anymore. But vacuuming, picking up toys, making beds, sweeping...I really enjoy all of that now.
  2. What is your favorite childhood memory? I have a lot, but one of my favorites is a valentines day when me and my younger came home from school to find special cookies made for us out of cookie-molds that my mom NEVER used, really only kept them for decoration. ( They were these complicated Raggedy Anne and Andy molds that were so cute!) She had decorated them and everything, and I felt really special for my Mom to have made them for us. :)
  3. What is your most embarrassing moment? of my more embarrassing moments happened shortly after I had gotten married. The Hubs and I were just hanging out at our new place with one of his friends from A-School, laughing a joking, having a good time. My husband had gone to the back of the house to get something and our friend said something that made me laugh so hard I farted! At this point I hadn't even been brave enough to fart in front of the Hubs yet, and when our friend laughed out loud and called down the hall to tattle on me, my husband rushed down the hall, face all disappointed, " Are you serious?!" Farts are funny, the Hubs always says ( we can't help but laughed at Pollyanna when she does hopefully one of these days I'll get around to teaching her some manners!) and he was sad he missed my very first one married to him. Talk about embarrassing! :)
  4. What uniform of your spouse’s is your favorite? Alright...he says that it depends on whether you're talking comfort or looks. For comfort it's a toss up between the dress whites and the poopy suit. The poopy suit is really very comfortable (understandably) but you only wear it underway, so that's one strike against it. As far as for looks, hands down the dress blues. And I completely agree...there is nothing more handsome then my Sailor dressed in his dress blues!
  5. What canceled TV show do you miss the most? I really wish that My So Called Life had gone a few more seasons. I really identified with that show as a teen, and was sorry that it didn't last long.
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Katrina said...

Okay, you said to leave a comment... I am touched that you would remember the small act of kindness that I did in making those cookies, its funny because, we were poor and I didn't have any candy to give so I made the touched my heart strings today... and thank you for that. Love you dear one....

annoyed army wife said...

Oh, My So Called Life. That was a good show. I also was teen filled with angst, so I totally identified with it as well.