Thursday, February 3, 2011

Craftin' around...

Recently, Christina over at Married to a Sailor had this really interesting post titled " The best thing about my Husband being deployed." I was fascinated by her openness actually! And I really appreciated her positive attitude, her ability to find the bright side of a crappy situation. I thought to myself..." gee, I wish that I could remain that positive during deployment!" because honestly, I've had a pretty hard time ( at moments!) being able to see deployment as a good thing. Perhaps I can give myself a little bit of slack because this is my first one, and it's a learning curve. And I really do appreciate how hard Skunky is working to keep our family afloat. ( hehehe..cause we're Navy :) okay I'm done! ) And I know that he loves us and misses us terribly. Sometimes though...the separation really does just suck. And no amount of positive thinking can change that.

I have found something that helps A LOT though, to pass the time, to make myself feel good. And that is...crafting. Here are a few things I have made/finished this week:

A garment bag for my Temple dress. It folds up into a shoulder bag for easy transport. I'm super proud of this one because I didn't use a pattern AT ALL! I still have a few cute finishing touches ( like buttons) to add.

My brother's Christmas gift finished!

A "roll" holder for my knitting needles.

Around Christmas time I was a crazy, craftin' momma! My sister-in-law and I made this list:

9 crochet winter hats
1 crochet blanket ( same as my brother's above)
1 set of 3 pencil bags
1 large craft bag
1 large diaper bag
6 therapeutic rice packs
2 wallets
2 travel wallets
1 crochet Barbie dress

There is possibly more that I am not remembering right now. And granted...I have been at my parent's house, so all I've had to worry about are my kids and my crafts. ( no house work!! But don't get me wrong...they're A LOT of work! We're on our 2nd round of ear infections in 4 months! There must be something in the water here!)

I guess the point of all this is...yeah, I know my attitude is pretty crappy sometimes when it comes to deployment. I would hope that people would understand that it's really just coming from my desperate loneliness without Skunky. He is my whole world, and it's so much dimmer here without him. BUT...there are ways to get through it. Mine happens to be working my fingers to the bone. :) But I've acquired some new skills, and expanded talents I had previous to deployment. So, there is something positive to come out of all this. Once I open my eyes to find it!

4 thoughts:

Katrina said...

Nice blog Jen....

housewife said...

more like 80/20 :) bag looks great...I'm not surprised:) Love you!

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

Finding the right perspective isn't always an easy thing, but I think that your next deployment will be better. As for the crafts, they look great. I do love my cross stitch bag.

Navy Princess said...

Ok Missy... I am in LOVE with your garment bag. I wish I had a fraction of your talent. You are being so productive with your time... send some of that motivation my way would you?! lol!