Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Perhaps I'm crazy... :)

I'm really looking forward to getting home. For those of you who don't know...I've been visiting my family in UT for the bulk of my husbands deployment. But the time to go home is now here. I've got just under 3 weeks and we'll be back on the East Coast. I'm excited because there is a lot I'd like to do get ready for Skunky to come home. But once we get passed all of that, I'm also excited because I'm determined to make this for Pollyanna's 3rd birthday:

(Go here to see ALL of the pictures, this girl did an AMAZING job)

And I'm also going to make lot of this stuff to go with it:

( Visit this girl's Etsy shop here . She's pretty amazing...if I don't end up being cool enough to make it you can bet I'll be buying hers!!)

I'm a little ambitions ( possibly crazy!) huh? I've been thinking about doing this for probably the last year...and I really think I'm going to do it this year. I'll keep you posted! Wish me luck!

6 thoughts:

annoyed army wife said...

Too cute! I seriously want everything on that etsy site...for myself. You should check in to needle felting; I needle felted OccDoc a T-Bone steak - it's super easy.

Nicky said...

Oh wow, that's great that you're getting to head homeward-bound again! I'm excited for you!

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

It's wicked cute. I expect you can get it done, if you don't get to distracted once the hubbs gets home. ;)

lizard said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Leaving time already?! I only saw you once! Angry noise!!!

Katie said...

That kitchen is adorable!!! I'm sure you can do it, and I can't wait to see it! The food is also adorable!!

Cat said...

HI! Just noticed by my site meter that you linked my daughter's kitchen! Thanks so much. Your blog rocks! I wanted to ask a tiny favor of you, tho. My blog is no longer iBlog. I now have a new web address and all my posts have been imported into my new address. iBlog (and the post you got the link from) will be deleted soon, so wanted to ask you to please update your link to my new kitchen link:
THANKS! Cat, Constant in Chaos