Thursday, February 10, 2011

You add children into the equation and...

So...two year olds are interesting creatures. They can bring you to tears laughing...Pollyanna insists on clinking 'glasses' ( or sippy cups!) every time we sit down at the table, and with everyone there. Seeing my 37 year old brother 'clinking' his soda can with her sippy at dinner tonight was pretty awesome! They can also make you want to pull out your hair with how naughty and stubborn they are! ( 1-2-3 Magic is a MIRACLE book!!! Anyone dealing with a two year old needs to read it!!)

And then they freak you out with how observant they are. My SIL blogged today about her 5 year old here, and an awkward moment she had with him over breastfeeding his little brother. And it got me to thinking...Pollyanna's Grandfather comes home from work at 5 to 6pm every day, and always gives Grammy a kiss and a hug when he comes home. Lately, Pollyanna has decided that she needs to get in on that, and any time that my parents show affection to one another, she's right in there, holding Papa's hand, trying to squeeze in between their hugs, staring up at them wide-eyed as they kiss. My mom says that she thinks it's cute. Really...and I'm probably a horrible parent for feeling this way...but it kind of embarrasses me! Not because of her actions, I'm mean she's only 2!! But it makes me wonder...holy, what is she gonna be like when Skunky comes home??

I kids have not seen me be THAT kind of affectionate with anyone since their dad left. And Skunky and I...I don't think it's exactly occurred to us that she would ever get to the point where she would notice that. So...Skunky isn't exactly...inhibited, we'll say :)...around her. But now she's catching on! and I'm weird is this gonna be?

Obviously...just when you're getting comfortable parenting...the child up and grows on you! It's just wrong. :)

Has anyone out there dealt with a similar situation? How did you deal?

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Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

I have been working on Marc to put cloths on for 14 years. LOLOL I think when Nik puked on all of his naked man parts, he at least started putting bottoms on.

We did make a rule that he had to at least leave sweats on until 8:00pm, so that if someone came over he would be decent. LOL I really think this is why my boys are nudest.

Katie said...

lol. I think kids are amazing creatures. Our 2yr old just started giving what we call "movie kisses" They are really long and she closes her I am sure she watches us give kisses and wants to get in on it. I love that our kids see their parents show each other affection on a regular basis, but The Squid sounds like skunky in that he isn't at all inhibited. (I got pinched in the bottom recently, and not by my husband) So, we just try make sure she sees only what we are comfortable with her doing.

Navy Princess said...

Jman is totally like that too, except he doesn't want in on it as much as he just wants no one else in the world to touch me. We were at the doctors and a corpsman was taking my BP and J freaked out. Hysterical like screeching, it was awful. He does that when Andy kisses me too. We find it somewhat funny, and really irritating at the same time.

Skunky will learn real quick to cover up what he doesn't want investigated or yanked on. lol!

Nicky said...

Love the clinking of sippy cups and soda cans story! And the Polyanna tale is too cute.