Thursday, March 3, 2011

You can find me at....

Not too long ago, Michelle at Annoyed Army Wife ask me ( if you can believe this!) to be a guest blogger for her while she is spending her days filled with bliss at OccDoc's return!!

I was INSANELY happy for her, because of OccDoc's homecoming, and flattered that she wanted me as a guest! I LOVED Michelle's blog the minute I stumbled onto it!! She is a girl after my own heart, and stepping into her little piece of land at Annoyed Army Wife I felt like " now HERE is a girl that I can relate to!"

I've also had an opportunity to meet her in person, and she is just ( if not more!) as charming in real life as she is in blog land. So it really is awesome that I get to help her out a little by guesting on her site.

So head on over to the Annoyed Army Wife, where you can find me today, and her for always...I promise you will not want to leave once you get there!

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