Friday, April 15, 2011

A mother's wisdom...

I LOVE My sister-in-laws! They are both such great people, and write such interesting blogs of their own, that I knew they'd be willing to help me out when it came time for Skunky to be home! This is Meg, my younger brother's wife, and she resides at Roughin' it in Alaska where she blogs about her kids, the local wildlife in Alaska, her photography, and just her general insanity! Here she is to give us a few tips on what it's like to life with three crazy kids under the age of 5. Enjoy!!

Lucky for all of you who read Jen's get to read my super-fantastic-awesomeness! Yah...that just happened. OK. To the point. Jen asked me to write a little do-dad for her while she is melting into a puddle with her hubs. She gave me a choice on two things to write about and I chose...the easier one?

Kids.'s ok, you can come out from hiding...they can't get you here! I've got three of them. The first two are a few years apart and then baby number three came as a big surprise 15 months after. I haven't quite figured out how I feel about this, as I am too busy keeping our 19 month old from driving us all to grampa's cough syrup!

Yes, I am well aware that all children go through stages. I am here to give you some safety measures to survive the three different stages I am in now.

For the 5 year old boy: patience! I have none so please don't ask me how to get it. I spend the majority of my day avoiding the daggers he's throwing at me with his eyes. A sense of humor is a must also. But be careful when you feel the need to bust a gut at his dance moves( because you know he got them from you)  it will crush his little heart to know he will not be Rico Suave on the dance floor. Pick your fights! Yes, while I know he looks like a complete dork with his pants rolled up above his ankles, or tucks in his shirt and then tucks his pants into his cowboy boots, he likes it. There will be bigger fish to fry so his choice of silly wardrobe malfunctions should not be a concern!

Little Miss ray of 19 month old sunshine: a padded room. She has only just gotten her legs and will fall, trip, or smash into anything that you may or may not be able to see. Yes, even that piece of fuzz from the carpet will send her flying. Also, practice whispering. I know...this is really hard since you will think she can't hear you when you tell her not to climb on top of the back of the couch eight...hundred... times...but, trust me, she can! (you will know by the sly look she gives you with her eyes)The whispering comes in handy when you are trying to teach her that screaming at the top of her lungs will not get desired results if you  CAN NOT understand what she is saying. At least that's the hope. We're still working on this one.

Mr oh-so-cute 4 month old: Really....the only advice I have here is to take this baby into another room, close the door, and stare at each other. Bask in his radiant smile and his happy go lucky nature...because before you know it, he'll be the 19 months old, then the 5 year old. And all those nights that he woke you up at 3:30 in the morning because (if he could talk would tell you he's starving) he needs to eat, you will miss those moments.

And when it comes down to it, enjoy the insanity. So, while I'm wishing away this summer so I can send my boy off to kindergarten, and wanting our daughter to talk so I can understand her, and my baby to roll over because I'm worried his largeness is holding him back, I need to remember all of it. Because it's quickly passing me by.

3 thoughts:

Nana S. said...

You are so expressive, Meg and it sounds like you have it all together even tho we know you are going wacky like the rest of us mothers. It all sounds so familiar. Too soon they will be teens LOL.

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

Great blog meggs! I really enjoyed your blog. Just keep hanging in there. Love ya

MrsMcDancer said...

Excellent advice. I feel like my 16 month old has perma bruises from all his bonks. Clumsy baby :-)