Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well it may have seemed that life stopped when Skunky got home. Certainly my blog ( except for those wonderful girls who filled in for me!) took a little vacation the minute Skunky stepped off that boat. I'm finding it hard to get the motivation to blog at a (quasi) regular pace again! I have this odd tendency that when my routine gets thrown off I have a HUGE hard time finding a way to get back to it!

Not that I haven't had plenty to say that is blog worthy. And I enjoy blogging...really I do. I...however...am a bad life juggler, obviously ( hence my getting my routine back being a near insurmountable task!)!

So lets see if I can touch on the highlights....( in no particular order)

I had the weird opportunity to teach Skunky how to roller skate last weekend! I didn't know you could be a child born in the 80's and not know how to roller skate! Our next door neighbor had a skating party for their daughter and invited us ( even though Pollyanna is only 2 1/2!) and we thought....eh, why the heck not? So we went....and I spent my time holding hands with my two-year-old and my grown husband simultaneously dragging them around the rink while they jerked and shuffled and attempted to make the rounds without falling. It was possibly the most hilarious....and the most fun thing, I have EVER done.

Both of Skunky's parents came for a visit. They're divorced, so they came at separate times during the same week. It was interesting. I'm not super close to either of my in-laws, but I enjoy them when they are able to visit with us. I was kind of a nazi about no family visiting the day of homecoming, but I understood that they would wanted to see their son ASAP, so I figured it was no big after the first couple of days. Hind sight is 20/20 though...and while it wasn't a bad visit, it was stressful, at least for me. It really took Skunky and I the full 2 weeks before communication started to seem normal again ( even now we still have a few miss-fires but I'm sure that's normal) so when you add trying to entertain in-laws and maintain some sense of normalcy for two kids who haven't seen their Dad in 1/2 a year....yeah, it was a lot. I'll probably attempt to postpone any family visits until after the first two weeks back next deployment...

We took an 'adult' weekend in Boston and that was great! ( except that I was cranky and moody because I was expecting miracles he wasn't performing! sheesh, can't the man read a woman's mind?) I reserved us a fancy hotel, and we spent our time going to museums and great restaurants we haven't been to since our honeymoon! The one thing I wanted to accomplish during the weekend didn't really happen though...I wanted  to have a morning to sleep in with Skunky without the 6:30am wake up from the kids. Which I did get...we slept in until 10:30! But that really doesn't count when you consider the fact that we didn't go to bed until 3am! Epic fail there.

We finally bought dining room chairs that match, and are in the process of painting/refinishing the chairs and the table so they look like a complete set!! We'd been talking about getting new chairs since before deployment, since none of our existing ones matched or were very safe ( they always had screws falling out and were pretty much gery-rigged together!) So when two days after Skunky being home he says to me " We really need to get new chairs." I LEAPED at the chance! So we packed everyone in the car and drove the 45 minutes it takes to get to my "home re-modelers heaven" (also known as IKEA!) and picked up four of their cheaper, very sturdy chairs! Best part is that we're doing the project together! I have hope for our DIY future yet!

What else? The rest of our time really has just been spent getting used to life as a complete family again. Skunky is stellar....possibly the most patient, understanding man I know. I feel crazy and out of wack at moments and he just looks at me and says " Hey, we're fine. Everything is gonna be alright." They are, and I know this. And I feel so super blessed to be married to a man who takes adjustments well, and can deal with me during the moments that I'm not doing as well as he is.

Anyway....I had more to talk about but...this post has pooped me out, and Skunky is requesting my presence for a little SG1 watching ( OMG lamest show EVER!! We're watching through the first season because we told a good friend that we would but...it's a bit torturous to tell you the truth...) So I'll check you all later!

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annoyed army wife said...

HURRAY, he's back! It is so cute you guys went roller skating. It is hard to keep a grown man off his butt on skates! I took OccDoc ice skating and I was so sore the next day from holding him up! LOL! Good for you taking an adult weekend!

Nana S. said...

Roller skating sounds like a blast ;-) Sort of like life....having fun while holding each other up. "Live, love, laugh and be happy" When you feel more secure in your love for each other you will find it easier to share "S" with his parents. Already you KNOW the difference between your love for your children and the love for your hubby. A parents love for their children never changes and is unconditional. In the end you will be glad you unselfishly shared him with his parents. I thank you for them ;-)

Undaunted said...

We all had a blast when we went roller skating. Although I found muscles that I didn't know I had lost while doing it. LOL Good luck with the routine. It will come.

housewife said...

I find it amazing that Mr. Fletcher is the epitome of all things "traditional" and the guy never roller skated! I mean...holy frying pans*! lol :)