Monday, June 6, 2011


So I finally found the motivation to blog again, it's been seriously lacking as of late. There just isn't enough time in the day to accomplish everything I'd like to accomplish so...guess we can see what has been not making the cut lately!

On the up side I have been keeping busy. Kids, as always, are enough to completely fill my day ( particularly Piglet, who FINALLY busted out a tooth and has two more showing, btw) and I've been working on those new skills I talked about in my last post. Wanna see a couple teaser pics?

 Yep...that's the stove. :) It's turned out a bit differently then I expected. In the plan the whole piece is a stove but...of course I can't do anything by a plan or pattern ( it's a curse really) and I messed up the inside shelf by putting it up too high, and then I had problems with the door. And the more I was having trouble, the more I looked at the thing and was thinking ' man it really is just too wide to be a stove." So what did I do? Decided to separate it into a stove and a little counter space with a cabinet under neither. Yes my cuts are imperfect, and there will be a TON of sanding and filing and possibly even chiseling  to make it perfect, BUT at least I allotted myself 3 months for this project and I have PLENTY of time left!

Of course because of the alterations to this piece I have to alter the sink now was well. The sink is the same basic pattern except...well, with a sink! I was altering that plan anyway because I want to put in an apron sink. But now I think I'm also going to move it to the side and make a cabinet next to it with counter space so that there is a large stretch of counter space between the sink and stove. And plenty of storage....because even in play kitchens, you can never have too many cabinets!

What else have I been doing?? Well there has been knitting and sewing, and walking and sprinkler parks. I started a couch to 5k program that I am IN LOVE with and I am just generally trying to keep myself occupied so that I don't turn into an angry bitter person...because that would be VERY easy to do with how badly Skunky's job is sucking the big one as of late.

I know what you're thinking...' He just got back from deployment didn't he?'

Yeah. He did.

I'm actually praying for a safety stand down now. At least then he might get to see the kids for more then 30 minutes every 7 days ( if we're lucky).

I think Skunky and my experiences in the military have been very different then most....and perhaps that is another reason why I have avoided this blog like the plague lately. I have nothing good to say about the Navy right now, and I have found that in this tight knit community of blogging military wives/so's a negative opinion of the military is not wanted or appreciated. I'm sorry girls, but I can't keep it up any longer. I love my husband with a passion I don't think will ever fade. And I am behind him 100%. But we...and I stress the term we... hate the Navy. And we are literally counting the days ( 556) until this hell is over.

LOL...on that positive note... :).....I'm out for now!

until next time!

6 thoughts:

Undaunted said...

Sorry it's been so rough at the moment. I hope everything works out so Miss B can come. She is a cracker and will make life interesting. :)

Nana S. said...

I think you have a unique potential in the furniture making business, no kidding. Those are neat....;-). Great hearing from you even if you aren't a happy camper. Love ya!

Cat said...

I'm not a big fan of the military either, and it's really refreshing to see someone else say it. My husband is on a shore tour, so we're not getting thrown about the way he did while attached to the sub, but we're both ready to move on from it. Sounds like we're getting out around the same time as y'all.

annoyed army wife said...

Okay, so maybe you don't want to be an angry bitter person, but annoyed is certainly okay in my book! I can't believe your mad woodworking skills! That's awesome!

Katrina said...

I love the woodworking you are doing a great job with it. I think you got your talent from your your keeping your self busy while your hubby is doing his job, and the kids sound like they are growing the way they should be. Call me some time soon. Love ya

Poekitten said...

That's going to be an amazing kitchen! I can't wait to see the finished product.

As for the Navy, they can suck sometimes. A lot of the time. Most of the time. And it's your can say what you want! Thanks for being honest with us:)