Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PRO- ductive!

I'll admit it....lately I've gotten a little bit of my crafting bug back! Of course, I wouldn't choose to go back to my old stand by of sewing ( even though I have a quiet book ::cough:: projects I need to finish!) No is the time that I decide to pick up a couple of new if my plate wasn't already full enough!

I've decided I'm going to teach myself how to write HTML/XHTML/CSS. I know...I'm nuts! I signed myself up for a free online course and bought a "how too" book that I am trying to decipher. It's totally one of those "... For Dummies" books. I know....cliche but, I've had luck with those books in the past, so  I figured, eh, why not? ( should totally check out 7-Day Menu Planning for Dummies!! That book has saved dinner time around here, literally!)

Why the sudden interest in this topic you ask? Well, I know how to 'fiddle' with code that is already established. But you can only do so much when you 'fiddle'. And I want to create a unique site, and I want to do it well. start with the basics! PLUS....I figure this will give me an excellent excuse to nudge Skunky into buying me that new more powerful computer I've been lusting after! And to get those design programs I've wanted but haven't really had an actual reason to get them!

My other new hobby....wood working! I decided in February, before Skunky got home, that I wanted to build a play kitchen for Pollyanna's next birthday. ( Many of you may remember this post.) Well...I started it and I'm really excited about it!! So far Skunky and I have completed this:

It's a toy Pie Hutch!! I am SOOOOO incredibly happy with how it came out, because this is my first time working with wood and power tools ever! I did all of the cutting and most of the gluing and nailing myself. Skunky did have to come help me save it a little after I mistakenly put some of the pieces together in the wrong way ( ummmm...the plans I have TOTALLY did not specify that there was an actual technique to putting joints together! Obviously the plans I have were written for people who are familiar with woodworking!)

Best part of this project? Skunky's comment upon finishing: " Gee, Jen....we're gonna have to put you together a big girl Pie Hutch now." I just about squealed in delight, lol! I freaking love that man!

We still have a stove, sink, and fridge to make so the set is complete! I'm hoping to go to Lowes tonight to pick up the wood for the next part! We're planning to finish and paint all four of the pieces together once we have them all built because I really don't know what colors we're going to paint them yet! Once they're done though I'll post the finished product!

We also refinished our dining room table and the new chairs we bought. Here is before:

And here is after:

The whole table is just looks yellow on top because of the light on.

 Sure wish I had my SIL around to use her fabulous photography skills and take some cool looking finished pictures! I plan on making some seat cushions to go along with them but have decided to put that project on hold...seeing the way that Pollyanna climbs up into, and then wiggles around on the chair makes me realize that they probably wouldn't last long with children of the age I have in my house! However...though the chairs look stiff and hard, they really are pretty comfortable for a dining chair...I'm not even sure they need cushions, except for the aesthetic of it.

Anywhoodle....until next time!

5 thoughts:

Undaunted said...

Every thing looks really good Jen. I love that your posts are now including some pictures. Those handy dandy cameras are sure nice. :) Good call on the cushions. LOL, My kids still haven't figured out how to eat without spilling and the one time I had somewhat cushiony chair I just wanted to rip my hair out because they got so grodie.

Katrina said...

Things are looking great kid... and you are very productive. Now about those sewing projects, lets see I think there is a purse in that pile some where.......:) love ya.

Poekitten said...

It looks great! I tend to leave the woodworking to DH since he really enjoys it. He made a hutch for the dining room for us that I love:) Hope you continue having fun with it!

chambanachik said...

I love that table and chairs! So pretty!

Nana S. said...

Hope your daughter enjoys the furniture as much as you have building it. It is lovely looking and so is your table and chairs. Maybe you can turn your talent into adult size furniture making.