Friday, October 17, 2008

5 Weeks old!!

Well we made it through another week! It gets easier by the actually almost feels normal to have her around. She's getting a bit more predictable and easier to read. She smiled today and yesterday, not totally at something I've done, when I try to hard she usually just looks at me with this " what is this crazy lady doing" look on her face, but definitely more than just that reflexive 'gas' smile. It will be any day now I'm sure, she'll actually smile at something Erick or I am doing. are some pics for the of her sleeping cause she's so cute, another couple of her lifting her head off the ground, and then on from her bath cause she's adorable.

Until later

2 thoughts:

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

What a doll! Glad things are starting to even out for you there. It makes life so much eaisier when you don't feel like you world has been turned inside out. :) Love you Bunches Stacie

katrina said...

You sound good and I know your feeling better because I not getting so many calls with HELP ME MOM..... I love you so much and she is a doll.
Love ....MOM