Thursday, October 23, 2008

6 weeks and doing great!!

Lorelai is 6 weeks old today and I feel great!! Seriously...she smiled at me this morning like 3 times during her breakfast, and we went out for a morning hot-coco with some neighbors, then we came home and played with Daddy for a little while before we sent him off to work....and I honestly feel the best that I've felt in like.....11 months!! :) I finally feel like completely normal now....and it feels great :)

Nothing new except that Lorelai is growing like a weed...I'll get some pictures on here from her sixth week of life. Erick has started his shift work this week, which I was completely terrified for but has actually ended up being pretty normal and easy to adjust to. Its nice having him here in the morning for a little while, and it's easier for me to have Lorelai be awake until midnight or so because well...she keeps me company, even though she's little and doesn't talk to me :) Erick will be on this shift work stuff for 8 weeks and then he graduates from ELT school and we move on to our next phase of life in the Navy. I'm here for another 5 weeks and then I head off to Utah to spend December with my family, and I'm really looking forward to it. And as soon as we find out where we're being stationed we will spread the news. Pray for Hawaii!! :)

Erick's Dad come in for a visit this weekend so..that will be nice. He can't wait to see Lorelai and I'm glad he's taking the opportunity to come down because, though we would really really like to, we're not sure if we're going to make it to New England to see all of our dear ones up there before we head off. are some pictures!! There is one of L in her Halloween costume ( she loves it, can't u tell! ) and then some more of her really holding her head up, and some of her just playing with her baby gym.

Until later!!


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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Wow she looks like Nik when he met santa for the first time. :) I am glad you are feeling so much better. It is nice to feel like a normal person again. Love ya Stacie

Matt's Blog said...

SO like you talking about L and seeing her hanging out there reaally makes me excited to see her. You guys ofcourse also, but mostly her:) I cant wait to have another baby with my beautiful wife. When the time comes it will be awesome.