Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weekly Update :)

Well here I am for my weekly update! It's getting a lot easier to do this....I'm getting the hang of getting on the computer and keeping up with Lorelai at the same time! Right now she is asleep in her bouncy shocker there, she loves that seat!

All is well here, another week down. We made it through 1/2 of Erick's super crappy shifts so, only one week to go and he's back on days again! I'm excited for several he'll have shorter days so he'll be around a bit more, he'll be home in the evening, which is Lorelai's least favorite time of day, and I'll be that much closer to going to Utah to introduce Lorelai to my family and be with them for the Christmas holiday!

What else? Tomorrow is Halloween, and we're going to our Ward's Halloween party. I'm pretty excited...we decided to go with Lorelai's costume and be a family of honey bee's. I'll make sure to get some pictures so that I can post them and you all can see us all in our costumes. are the pics for this week...sorry my camera strap got in the way of two of them. And I'm gonna try to post a video of Lorelai playing in her crib. It's a short one, but I figured perfect for a trial run!


PS~ The outfit next to Lorelai is one of her preemie outfits she fit into when she was first brought home...just as a comparison for how much she has grown!!

4 thoughts:

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Soooo cute. It is going to be fun to get my hands on her. I have decided that I need mid week posts as well as weekly post. :) Love ya Stacie

katrina said...

Oh my goodness look at that outfit , no one knows like we do how she fit into that out fit that first week, I really can't believe it. WOW....She is a doll, and I too can't wait to get my hands on her, you won't have any time for your arms you better keep nursing there kid so you can at least have that much time with her.... just kidding. But there are alot of us woman that want her that is for sure.... watch out Lorelai.
Love you....

Matt's Blog said...

She is adorable Jen. I am happy that you are just about done with Eric's bad week it will be done in no time. I cant wait to c you guys when you come out. Love ya ~Matt

Sariah said...

I can't believe how much she has grown! I didn't realize how much until the comparison shot. Wowzers! She is gorgeous Jen, but then you already know I think that. Love you guys!!!