Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me :)

That's right....today.... is my birthday! :) It's actually been a pretty great day. I think I've decided that little to no celebration is really the way to go once you pass the age of...oh I don't know...25 :) I mean I had my family call me, my husband called me which really was the best of all gifts, plenty of good birthday wishes from friends on facebook. But as far as actually literally celebrating...not so much. I stayed in my pj's all day. Did a few chores, but pretty much just rested. Darling L was a little crazy first thing in the morning, but mellowed out after nap time. It was a really chill relaxing day, and pretty much exactly just what I needed!

Tomorrow is a bit of a different story. I've got a Dr. apt first thing that will include my GBS test. Nothing like getting violated by a large q-tip first thing in the morning. :) And then I'm helping out a good friend by watching her girls in the afternoon for a couple of hours.

Anyway...I'm not nearly so long winded today, I bet that's a bit of a relief for some! :) Just wanted to let everyone know...that after my some what depressing entry a few days ago, all is well in the world of Jen. :)

until next time,

2 thoughts:

Katrina said...

I am so glad it was a great day and your husband got to call you... it was nice to talk with you this morning early even tho L was a bit out of control that just means she loves you.....lol... enjoy the rest of the week your hubby will be home before you know it. Much Love Mom

Sariah said...

Glad to hear you have enjoyed your birthday! Wish I was there to celebrate with you. Sending many birthday hugs your way though. Sorry about the GBS test, those are definitely not fun. It'll be good to have it over with though. Love you Girl!!!