Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kind of busy weekend...

Oh my goodness...I meant to try and get on here and write something Saturday, we had a really good day and I had a lot of pictures I wanted to share! But the weekend was really kind of a whirlwind for me, and I didn't end up having time to get on until now! But here is the re-cap of all the excitement;

The biggest news for Saturday was that my husbands boat returned from an underway, and we couldn't have been more excited to see him! We actually got up and were out the door by 830 am ( you're talking to a mommy who rarely gets dressed before 10 or even 11am if I can help it!) so that we could go down to where the River meets the Sound and watch daddy's boat come in! Of course the boat was delayed an hour because of the heavy fog, but it cleared and we got some great pictures! Here's a teaser:

You can see the rest of our chase of the boat here. We actually ended up meeting a group of several wives I've met from the boat, and it was nice to see them all again! It was fun sitting around waiting to watch the boat with them, because there was really just a general air of excitement around having our husbands home again. It really was fun! :)

Well after that we had a brief break, and then I had my baby shower that afternoon which was also a TON of fun! I love getting together and eating good food, and it was so nice of the women from my church to throw me one! I got a huge amount of stuff, most of it from my family who like to spoil me, and here is a teaser for that:

And you can see the rest of the fun photos of the shower here! :)

So after the shower we came home and relaxed until bedtime for L, and then I had a friend come over and sit in the house while I went down to the boat and had a little quality time with my hubby, because he had duty and so couldn't come home that night.

Easter Sunday dawned, and as soon as my husband got off duty ( and took a quick shower!) we packed the car and headed up to ME to spend the holiday with his mom, and then that night spent it at his dads house in NH so that we could attend Erick's grandfather's memorial service Monday morning. It was a really nice service, his ashes are 'buried' at a Veterans Cemetery in NH, and I was really impressed by how organized and nice the cemetery was. It's a very pleasant place to go and visit, and the overall feeling of the service really wasn't too drab or depressing. It was nice. After wards, we went out to lunch with my husbands extended family and then we headed back to CT to spend the evening on the couch watching a movie before we passed out. :)

It really was a great weekend. I LOVE having my husband home obviously, and to have to concentrated days with him was really great. L was a little bit crazy, having daddy home and all the travel threw her off her schedule, and we all know what kind of havoc that creates in a young child's life. :) I'm still dealing with the repercussions of that. :) I wonder how she is going to do when the new baby comes? Luckily, her dad will have a bit of time off so I won't be dealing with that all on my lonesome!

Until next time,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

You look good, Jen. Don't know why you won't post some of that cute baby belly and those wonderful curls of L on your sight. We love to see you all. :)

Katrina said...

Jen... you do look great. I love the pictures of you. I got your call tonight but am just getting home from babysitting the kids so M*M could go to the Temple.I will call tomorrow. Love you