Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We're baaaaack!

Well...we made it back! And I'm exhausted! Honestly, I sit here typing in my un-made bed, while the children are taking longer naps then usual, still in my pj's for goodness sake, thinking about the last six days and wondering how I'm going to put it all into a blog post! I figure since it's Tuesday, and I don't have a top ten for this week ( lack of preparation) then I'll review lasts weeks and see what I ACTUALLY DID accomplish during our leave...

1) Hours in the car- check! Actually we spent WAY more time in the car then I anticipated. I THOUGHT we were going to drive up to the Hubs mom's and spend the weekend at the clam festival. INSTEAD we hopped from friends house to estranged family members house the whole week, not spending a single night in the same place, often stopping by places for only long enough to get a glass of water, a diaper change, and a quick " good to see you before I deploy!" moment. Should have figured that was what this leave was about!
2) Pop-culture quizzes- check! On account of the BAZILLION hours we spent in the car!
3) Proud Daddy moments- check! Only three or four a day!
4) Lime Ricky- check! ( It's a carbonated lime-ade. Pretty good actually!)
5) Ferris Wheel- check! We actually were able to use the tickets we had kept from last year...how much does that rock! And it wasn't as nerve-racking for me this year...lol I guess I'm getting tougher. OR I was just to exhausted from wrangling kids to notice the heights!
6)Waking up next to the Hubs for 6 days- check! Actually I woke up before him with Piglet everyday and he slept in with Polyanna...but he was there, in the bed, actually next to me!
7)No house work- check!
8) Feeling like a civilian- 1/2 check....couldn't get away from deployment as a topic of conversation...made it hard to leave the reality of what our life is going to be like in not too much more time....
9) Being away from our military town- check!
10) Having extra hands to help with the kids- check!!! And the Hubs was GREAT at it. He's a good dad, and very attentive to the kids needs, for the most part. There was only one moment where he was having choosing-to-ignore-my-child's-obvious-need moment but then he snapped back into daddy-mode and all was well. :)

Alright....so 9 1/2 checks....not bad if I say so myself!! So now it's back to real life...un-packing from the trip, grocery shopping, getting the kids back into a normal routine. It's H.O.T. hot here, so we're hopefully gonna go get another small ac unit tonight to supplement our poor little unit upstairs that's working it's little engine off to cool down our house! And then begins the packing...

So I'm SUPER excited about a segment I'm planning on starting on Sunday's, courtesy of Annoyed Army Wife . She has this GREAT idea for Sunday Stories, and I can't wait to get in on it! It'll give me a chance to get some feed back on my more creative writing side, and I'm WAY looking forward to it. So you should join too!! She's starting it this coming Sunday ( July 25) so make your way over there an add your story to the mix!!!

until next time